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Once upon a time, there was a girlwomanEndlesschick, and her brothers and sisters and ambiguousgendersibling called her Del, sometimes, and that was a good name for her.

And Del (who used to be someone else, and was someone different now, but really always the same, just different corners, like light through a cut gem, coming out one side sometimes, and sometimes another) went to a place called Milliways, except she’d kinda always been there a little, too, cause it was her kinda place, and you keep an eye on places like that, that you like, and all.

And it was a Nice Place, except when it wasn’t, but Del left, after showing up, because things were


And changing and she kinda knew that she had to change to, though she really didn’t want to yet, cause it was like pulling a scab off, and all oozy and gross and it hurt, too. Ick.

But she left, cause she kinda knew anyway, and Del sat in her realm and the things and the Things and the Things that matters most to her, she very carefully collected, and most of them were memories, and some of them she didn’t really remember, but they were still there.

So she put them all into a bubble, and sealed the bubble in all the frogs that ever existed, and a lizard that was once a demon god was ordered to guard it, and he did, because, really, he didn’t have much else to do.

Those things were safe, and the memories that came after were safe, too, cause Del doesn’t really do things in a LiNeAr manner, because that’s boring.

So the girlwomanEndlesschick had her things safe, and her Things, and her Things, and then the only person who in the end matters was safe, too, her


Derry girlangeldaughterdelightmummy’sdelight and Del never stopped watching her, really, because Good Mommies let go, but they never really let go all the way, and Derry was a good girl, but also very human, and couldn’t do things like make blue mango juice or change her hair, so a tiny part of Del that was more than sane, was


With it, watched her little girl, and amused her, because Derry was her delight, and she loved to keep her happy.

And then that was too much, and part of the girlwomanEndlesschick named Del had to pull back in to herself and her realm and away and her little girl named Derry

Mummy’s delight

knew and could tell and was sad, but Del had to do it, to keep her little girl safe, and so she did, and everyone was


of her realm, now, then, when it happening in the SpAcE TiMe CoNtInUiNg ThInGuMmY, and Del



closed her eyes

and let go.
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