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Birthdate:Apr 25

HaVe yOu SeEn my DoGGiE?

"What is reality?
I am a plaster doll; I pose
with eyes that cut open without landfall or nightfall
upon some shellacked and grinning person,
eyes that open, blue, steel, and close.
Am I approximately an I. Magnin transplant?"

-Anne Sexton.

Contact and Disclaimer Info:

I can be contacted at fireandarose at ymail dot com.

I am not Delirium, nor do I own her, the Endless, The Sandman, or anything in any way connected with them. Neil Gaiman is their creator, god, owner, you get the idea.

This is an RP journal used for [info]milliways_bar. It is used for fun only. No money is made. The mun is [info]fire_and_a_rose.

Del resembles a young woman, whose hair tends to be reddish, but varies in colour, as well as length. She has one green eye and one blue eye, with silver flecks around the edges. She smells of sour wine and old sweat.
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